I want to help you create your Give Back Plan.  

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You want your business to be a success.  Of course!  You have vital products and services that serve your clients. But in your heart, you know that this life is more than just business and financial success.  You want to make a difference.  You want your contribution to have significance.  You want the world to be a different place because you were here.  

I am here to kick start your GiveBack Plan

I have been in the Give Back space for over 30 years.   For many years I had the privilege of managing and raising money for a corporate charity.  I was floored by the good that could be accomplished when a company put their muscle behind a charitable purpose.  This was a new company and they designed their success with philanthropy built into their business plan.  In my time with the charity we raised over $19 million.  In total, the charity has raised well over $25 million and that money has helped to change the course of the lives of children in dire need. Let AB Funding Solutions Corporate Philanthropy Consulting can your company's Give Back Plan.

You Can Be a Hero

Are you wondering if a corporate philanthropic program is right your organization?  What format should it take?  Should you create your own foundation or team up with an existing charity?  Should you manage it in house or out of house? What do you need to know about non-profit law?  What should you budget?  How do you influence your employees and customers to care?  It's got to be more than lip service...and this is where AB Funding Solutions comes in.  We take you step by step through the process of creating a program that is just right for your corporation.  

1.  Vision Work and Project Scope

     We work with your company to establish a vision and then a goal around your philanthropic program.  The leaders and key players need to be in alignment with the commitment to social good.  Giving back has to be authentic and the best programs center giving at the core of their business model in order to generate the results that make a difference.  When the team is in agreement about the vision, it will be clear what we need to accomplish for your company.

2.  Inventory Assessment

     What is currently happening at your organization?  Do you have a social good program or are you just getting started?  What resources are available to make this program the most it can be?

3. Research | Resources 

    Research is the key to success for your program.  We want to find a great philanthropic match for your company.  In addition, we make a full analysis of the resources that are needed to implement the philanthropic program which can include Marketing, Technology, Legal Work, and Leadership training.

4. Plan Development

    At this stage we are ready to develop the full plan for executive approval.  Let's get the train moving!

5. Implementation 

   Depending on the wishes of the corporation, we can implement in two phases -- A soft and a hard launch.  Following the soft launch, we will make any course corrections necessary.

6. Project Completion | Analysis

    Following the launch, we offer full analysis services to measure the effectiveness of the project.

7. Post Project Steps

    We want you to be thrilled with your program.  We'll ensure that all loose ends are tied up.