AB Funding Solutions Nonprofit Consulting offers a wide range of products and services including books, online courses, on-site consultation, public speaking and the organization of conferences.  We:

  • Provide on-line comprehensive educational programs to train development staff, executive directors and boards of trustees in the art and science of raising money
  • Provide on-site training programs for non-profit staff and teams in the areas of creating a culture of philanthropy, fundraising, board development, data management, strategic and fundraising planning.
  • Publish training materials
  • Provide “of counsel” services for non-profits conducting fundraising campaigns
  • Offer keynote presentations at conferences, seminars and training days
  • Nurture development staff and volunteers through training and renewal experiences
  • Host international seminars to disseminate knowledge and shed awareness on latest practices in generating support for great non-profit work
  • Provide consulting services to for-profit corporations seeking to implement charitable programs into their operations including strategic planning, charity research, project planning and implementation
  • Engage the public  through articles and social media activity on the issues facing non-profit financing

Our Products and Services

You make the impossible possible.  You serve those with greatest need.  You provide us with beauty and education. You help others lift themselves up.  At AB Funding Solutions, we want to help you make the most of your mission so that you can have the greatest impact on the world and those you serve.

I want to help you raise money the right way - the way that gets long-term results.

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