My name is Andrea Barnes and I am the founder of the course 

The Giving PrinciplesLearn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love

I have been involved on the front lines of managing and raising money for non-profits for over 30 years and have built a successful non-profit consulting firm.  In my career, I have had the privilege to raise over $34 million for schools, arts organizations, international humanitarian causes, social service agencies, hospitals and universities. 

But I started out, perhaps...a lot like you. 

I was an accidental fundraiser.

In my wildest dreams as a child, I did not imagine that my life work would be to raise money for the causes I loved. 

I was a graduate student studying arts administration and was asked to make fundraising calls while I was working as an intern. 

  • That tiny bit of experience helped me land my first job as the Development Director for a professional regional theatre.
  • The first day I walked in the door, my boss said, "don't ask me anything about raising money, because I don't know!"

I had to work and scrape to learn everything that I could so that I could do my job well.

Eventually, I did become that expert and had the satisfying experience of really making a difference for people in need and for my community.

But, it was hard.  And there were lots of bumps.  And I wasn’t as effective as I needed to be right out of the gate.

I have given my life to the non-profit sector because charities do the work no one else can.  They feed malnourished children.  They enliven our community.  They educate our brightest students.  They heal the sick and research new cures.

I have met some of the most incredible people of my life and have learned every day by their generosity and goodness.  And if you know anything about fundraising, you know you don't do it alone.  My colleagues, board members and volunteers have been my partners every step of the way.

Not every “accidental” fundraiser can get a Master’s Degree in Public Administration or Non-Profit management like I did.  A graduate degree costs upwards of $60,000 or more and two to three years of your time.  The people you and your charity serve can’t wait that long. 

Not everybody has the time to muddle along, hit the bumps, and learn as you go.  Disease needs to be conquered now.  Villages need clean water now. Refuges need succor now.  

It all takes money.  And somehow you are the oneYou are the hero who is tasked with this noble work of finding money... of rallying volunteers… of sounding the trumpet

I am here to be your guide.

Non-profit organizations pay me $1,000's of dollars a month to ensure the Giving Principles are running properly in their organization.  I can only work with a select few organizations a month.  For this reason I created the course.  There are hundreds of causes that need help right now and I am here to serve you.

I am here to teach you everything that I learned while I was raising $34 million for life-saving, life-changing charities.

  • Timeless principles and techniques that have generated billions of dollars across decades
  • Cutting edge technologies that help you go viral
  • Inner preparation so that when the time is right, you are ready to ask
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Systems to help​
  • And so much more

The Giving Principle #3 – Telling Your Story
People engage and give when they understand the need, the solution and how they can help.  It becomes an emotional pull to make a difference.  The clearer we are about our charity’s vision and mission, the easier it is for a donor to step in to play their part.

With The Giving Principle #3 you will:

  • Understand the vital documents you need before you ever start raising money – and what vital elements must be included in the content
  • Learn the importance of telling your story often and across multiple mediums
  • Understand the emotional punch of photographs, graphics and videos in conveying your work

I will guide you, step by step, through the 9 Giving Principles™ every top non-profit uses.  I will help you to avoid common mistakes and boost your confidence and success.   These principles work for a one-man shop and for a full staff.

The Giving Principle #4 – Building Your Base of Support
When you work with a non-profit, you quickly realize the work is too big to accomplish alone.  You need a community, a tribe and and you need them fast. You need to attract individuals, volunteers and donors who can passionately promote the organization, volunteer, lead and give.

With The Giving Principle #4 you will:

  • Learn how to build your power team
  • Find ways to attract new supporters
  • Understand the importance of research
  • Strengthen your ability to connect with donors at a deeper level
  • Learn how to capture richness of your knowledge for the future good of your charity

Here’s what you will receive in the

The Giving Principles™ Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love Priced at $995.00

The Giving Principle #7 – Event Planning Boot Camp
Events can be extraordinary tools in helping your charity raise awareness, generate new donors, and raise much needed resources.  They also have obvious as well as hidden costs.  Go into a special event with eyes wide open so that you can generate the greatest success possible while minimizing risk and disappointment.

With The Giving Principle #7 you will:

  • Understand the reasons to produce a special event and the reasons not to produce a special event
  • Receive detailed strategies to organize for success
  • Get the blueprints for Auction/Dinner Events, Golf Tournament, Cottage Meetings and 5K runs
  • Dream about events that have a chance to go viral 

The Giving Principle #1 – Raising Money Matters
When you were planning your life, you probably didn’t imagine that you would become someone who raises money for charities.  There are a lot of negative phrases out there about asking for money – hitting someone up, begging for dollars, beg-a-thons.  Giving Principle #1 will empower you for the important work you are about.

With The Giving Principle #1 you will:

  • Understand the nobility of raising money for the cause you love
  • Reset for the right mindset
  • Deepen your commitment of why you are in this work
  • Examine your own relationship with money so that you can comfortably overcome hang-ups and step into a place of power and integrity

Nine Live Training Calls with me, Giving Principles Mentor, Andrea Barnes

9 Power-packed 60-Minute Webinars
where you will be trained in-depth through one Giving Principle each week. 

9 Training Recordings with PowerPoints for each Webinar Call
Your live webinar learning experience will be enhanced with your own personal copy of the recording and supporting action sheets, exercises and resources. You’ll also receive worksheets, handouts, and templates, including anything referred to or discussed during the nine power-packed trainings. You are encouraged to make use of these in your important work right away.

9 Group Coaching Calls with me and the Giving Principles Coaching team.
All participants are encouraged to ask specific questions related to your charity and the challenges you currently face during these weekly one hour calls.  When you listen, you learn from others’ experience.

9 Group Coaching Calls Recordings
No PowerPoints here, but all coaching calls will be recorded and made available for your future reference.

Private Giving Principles Facebook Group Forum
Join with your fellow heros-in-training.  I’ll answer simple questions on the forum and tackle the most complex on the coaching calls.  The forum is a place to get to know each other, form a support community and learn from group experiences.  It is a place to cheer each other on and lean on each other in times of need.


FOR EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS - Valued at $1,599.00 for only $999.00

BONUS #1 - 2 Personal Coaching Calls with me, Giving Principles Mentor, Andrea Barnes (a $300 value)

I will personally work with you to teach and guide you and to help you solve your most pressing charity problems.

BONUS #2 - 25% Discount off Full-Price of Course

​BONUS #3 - Grantwriting Bonus Session with Nancy Halden

​BONUS #4 - Major Gifts Bonus Session with Michael Nebeker

​BONUS #5 - Lifetime Access to 2016 The Giving Principles World Nonprofit Telesummit

And now I am here to serve you.  My mission is to help you become the most confident, resourceful, well-prepared fundraiser that you can be -- because when you can raise money, you can change the world.

Andrea Barnes

The Giving Principles™ Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You LoveBegins April 5, 2016 at 10 am MST

The Giving Principle #5 – Maximize Every Avenue
Early in a charity’s life, a few devoted donors keep the dream and vision afloat.  Devastatingly, a key donor can leave at any time.  Your stewardship over the vital work of your non-profit is to ensure that life-saving funds come from multiple sources, at all giving levels and across a broad community.

With The Giving Principle #5 you will:

  • Learn the magical power of individual donors and how to engage them at various levels of support
  • Receive techniques to engage corporations through sponsorships, employee engagement activities and POS drives
  • Learn about Foundations and Government agencies whose purpose is to give money to organizations like yours
  • Understand the role of special events in the fundraising mix and their risks and rewards 

The Giving Principle #6 – Grant Writing that Gets Results
Foundations exist to perpetuate the founder’s desire to see good in the world.  There are thousands of foundations whose purpose is to give money to worthy causes.  The key is to know how to find foundations who are looking for the kind of work you do and then to persuasively make your case.

With The Giving Principle #6 you will:

  • Know how to find foundations that want to fund your program
  • Understand what basic written materials you need to have on hand to begin your grant program
  • Be exposed to the best ideas for writing compelling grants
  • Learn why metrics are the key to success

The Giving Principle #2 – The Core Principles
Raising money is equal parts art and science.  There are methods that thousands of charities have used across decades to successfully raise the money to fund their vital work.  Base your fundraising efforts off timeless principles and you will be able to use your time and resources to get the results you need.

With The Giving Principle #2 you will:

  • Learn the strategies to boost your success
  • Be able to prioritize your time for greatest return
  • Understand who you need to engage and how to deepen their support over time
  • How to structure your efforts, generate gifts and ensure money is used as the donor intends


The Giving Principle #9 – Coming to Agreement / Launching for Success
One of the great mistakes many make is to work and work and work behind the scenes and never make the campaign public.  Your great work begins, not ends with the preparation you learned in the course.

With The Giving Principle #9 you will:

  • Bring your organizational leadership into agreement about the work needed for success
  • Learn simple techniques to get you out the door
  • Understand the vital importance of follow-up
  • Remember the respect you hold for your donors
  • Learn to be renewed in your work by immersing yourself regularly in the work of your charity
  • Be invited to mastermind with your Giving Principles Community to motivate, problem solve and celebrate your great work

The Giving Principle #8 – The Ask
Asking people for money is both the most difficult and the most important part of fundraising.  In my career, I have truly grown to love my donors.  I have respect and deep caring for them.  That is why I want you to understand that you don’t DO fundraising to a prospective donor.  Rather, what you do is walk with a donor and respectfully fundraise WITH them. 

With The Giving Principle #8 you will:

  • Grow in understanding to take the fear and dread out of asking
  • Delve into the reasons donors give
  • Understand permission-based asking
  • Feel confident, prepared and calm -- You will be ready to ask for support