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What People Say

Katy Holt-Larsen,VP for North America, Jeunesse Corporation
"Andrea has a passion for deep understanding and is good at taking an issue and delving deep to understand the complexities and then bringing it back in a way that is simple for people to understand."
On Execution Andrea says she is going to do it, she does it and she does it well.
Expertise Andrea is an expert at fundraising – she has put in the 10,000 hours.
Highly Competent and Intelligent
Andrea makes a great leader and team member – she grasps quickly, understands deeply and takes ownership.  Any team or company is lucky to work with her for the value she brings.
Making it Simple
Andrea makes the complex simple – she takes hard stuff and shows it in a simple way and makes people feel like they can “get it done” or “figure it out” – she does this with cooking, fundraising, her other passions – she takes the hard stuff on so gracefully that it make things look easy."

Massimiliano Frani,Founder and President of Genote

"​Andrea has the ability to examine any project with a critical and open mind and tries to evaluate what is important against what is doable. Her style is represented by a great balance between assertiveness and harmony (respect) of all positions represented. This balance translates into a keen talent to insert herself into a working team and work well with the existing resources and also by finding new ones. Andrea's experience allows her to sense and critically analyse each appropriate task, challenge and opportunity.  Also, I think that Andrea tries, at all times, to infuse every process with her aesthetic sense and strongly resourceful attitude."

Jack Mark,Mark Enterprises and Mark Family Foundation

​"Along with enthusiasm, Andrea has a tenacity in not letting go of a project until it is done.  It is a wonderful trait. It also helps that she knows what she's doing.To sum up, Enthusiasm, Commitment,and Knowledge".